Life proves reliable again. I always say, “There’s no way I won’t make friends,” and sure enough, I’ve met a couple really wonderful people that I am excited to have in my life.

Last night, walking home from being out and around, my friend and I hugged trees. She made a good point: they’re alive, too. Sometimes they need some love. You should have seen these trees! So old there was no bark on them… “Good boy,” she said to the tree.

Moments of fate, perhaps, or just moments - however you please. I was walking home from my student employment job, and my friend, Luca, sends me a WhatsApp message of a video of people saying, “Sammie, Luca misses you.” This made me so happy (Luca is a good friend of mine) that I was smiling rather dramatically as I was walking, emitting the happiness and love that I was feeling. Well, there are many artists that sell their jewelry and creations on the streets in Trastevere, and I happened to round the corner and pass a few of their tables as I was smiling. My eyes connected with one of the artists, a Chilean man, and he motioned for me to come to him. In Italian, he told me to choose a ring, whichever one I liked, and he sold me one for 1 Euro… 1 Euro! Those rings are usually 10 Euro. He also sold me a pair of earrings for a friend for only 5 Euro. We made as much conversation as we could, not really sharing a common language, and then I continued on my home, feeling even more happy that my energy had brought such luck and kindness into my life.

I have walked past that same spot, at the same time, on the same day of the week, a few times now, but I have yet to see that same artist again. It’s as if he were a ghost, put there to show me how beautiful life can be when I accept love and happiness. I wear my ring every day.